ER Checklist: What To Bring

  • Insurance card and photo ID

  • List of current medications and dosages

  • List of allergies

  • Test results or information related to recent diagnosis or chronic condition

  • Phone number and correct spelling of your primary physician’s name

  • Phone number for your emergency contact

  • List of questions and pen/paper to write answers

  • Glasses and hearing aids

  • Healthcare paperwork (advance directive, healthcare proxy, DNR)

  • Cell phone and charger

  • Someone to help translate if you’re not fluent in English

  • Another adult to help or keep you company

  • For suspected poisoning: Bring the medication, household cleaner or other substance with you, including the container

  • For kids, you might also want to bring a comfort item, like a stuffed animal, and something to do (e.g., toy or coloring book)

Do not delay seeking medical attention to find these items.